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Seattle Sephardic Tour

Explore Seattle’s historic Sephardic neighborhood in the Central District in person or virtually with our Seattle Sephardic Tour, created in conjunction with the Washington State Jewish Historical Society. Sephardic history in Seattle and Washington state is rich with a vibrancy that resonates through all of community life today. Seattle has the third largest Sephardic population in the United States and this proud heritage is highlighted in this tour, which includes a map that highlights Sephardic shops, schools and synagogues, historic photos, and current videos of community members reminiscing about the old neighborhood.

Before embarking on the tour, listen to this Introductory Podcast, which we created to highlight the historic Sephardic experience in Seattle. This Podcast introduces the tour and features interviews with University of Washington Prof. Devin Naar, Hazzan Isaac Azose and Regina Barkey Amira. Narrator is Seattle Sephardic Network President Cynthia Flash Hemphill. [Music performed by Isaac Azose is used with his permission.]

Take the tour on your digital device, in your car, or on foot. Learn about Historic Sephardic Jewish Seattle through the words of community members who lived, learned, worked, prayed and played, in the Central District.

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