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'Pikinik' Memories

By Al Maimon

Who remembers the fun Sephardic 'pikiniks' we use to have? Nearby ones, like Madrona Park (I think the Ladineros recently had a picnic there reminiscing), the stand by/closest reminder to the Old Country - Alki Beach, Lincoln Park "upstairs or downstairs," Redondo Beach, Fortuna Park, and many more...

Wherever it was, there were always "pailas," silverware, dishes for the comida (no fast food or sandwiches on paper and plastic), cards for the men to play, space for the kids to run around in, water to swim in, music to sing. I know there were vocalists and story tellers, I remember Sam Funes and his banjo (his nickname), other musical instruments as well...

They used to be planned or impromptu, for all the community or for "family reunions."

I also remember hearing that picnics would happen in Palm Springs with the Seattle "snow birds," many times joined by their friends and relatives from Los Angeles.

What a great part of our communal/family life! Can you share your favorite story(ies) about these happenings?

Maybe we could/should restart these for our kids/grandkids to get to know each other...


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