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Jacquelyn Wiviott

Jacquie Wiviott's maternal great-grandparents were born in Turkey (Canakkale and Rodosto/Tekirdag) and became involved in the Sephardic community upon moving to Seattle. In addition to enjoying the Sephardic holiday (and of course food) traditions that her family has kept through the generations, Jacquie also grew  up  in  a  Spanish  immersion  program  since  kindergarten  so  the  Sephardic  culture  and  ladino  language  have  always  appealed  to her. She  has  contributed  to  the  Jewish  community  in  a  variety  of  volunteer  and  leadership  capacities  for  over  a  decade.  Jacquie  co-founded  The  Tribe,  Temple  De  Hirsch  Sinai’s  (TDHS) 20s  and  30s  group.  Following  her  term  as  co-chair,  Jacquie’s  service  to  the  Jewish  community included  serving  on  The  Tribe  Steering  Committee,  the  TDHS  Board  of  Trustees, and the  Jewish Federation  of  Greater  Seattle’s  PAVE (30s  and  40s  group)  committee.  Jacquie  was  awarded  the  Jack  J.  and  Charlotte  Spitzer  Young  Leadership  Award  for  2016  by  the  Jewish  Federation  of  Greater  Seattle.  She earned her B.S. in Business Administration in international business from the University of Denver and during that time also studied abroad at the Universidad de Salamanca in Spain. Jacquie  has  worked  with  Vistex,  a  marketing  software  company,  since  2015  where  she  is  a  Senior  Client  Manager  focusing  on  customers  in  the  high-tech arena.  Prior  to  Vistex,  Jacquie  worked  as  a  consultant  for  Microsoft,  supporting  co-marketing  initiatives  with  one  of  Microsoft's  largest  partners managing  multi-million  dollar  investments  through  the  distribution  and  retail  channels.

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