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Boaz Porath

Boaz is a tech leader who has been developing technology for over 15 years with the goal of empowering people around the world to continuously be — and do — better.


Boaz's grandparents and mother grew up in Seattle, and moved to Israel in the 70's to contribute to the development of the young nation. Born and raised there, Boaz served as a Drone pilot in the IDF, spent 2 years as a business owner in Tokyo, and then 5+ years in the semiconductor industry back in Israel. In 2015 he moved to Seattle to connect more with his Jewish-American roots, whilst still making regular visits to Israel. Here he worked with UMT360 and later with Amazon's Prime Video. Recently, he launched the first-to-world Movement Health domain within Amazon Halo.


Outside of work, Boaz enjoys traveling (visited over 25 countries), engaging in various physical activities (Aikido, climbing, social dancing, diving etc.), and being an active member in the Seattle Jewish community. 

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